PFAS: Effects and Treatment

Welcome to WQA's short course on PFAS contaminants. This course will address the occurrence, health effects, chemical behavior in water, and treatment options for these contaminants.


Additional topics that you may find useful in addressing PFAS are: 

  • Drinking Water Regulations
  • Water chemistry
  • Individual courses on treatment technologies such as activated carbon, anion exchange, and reverse osmosis

These topics are addressed in the WQA Knowledge Base.

If you're new to water treatment or would like to have a deeper understanding of contaminants and treatment application, installation, equipment maintenance, and treatment troubleshooting, WQA's Instructor-led courses are an excellent way to build your knowledge and your confidence. The instructor- led courses will also get you on the way to professional certification, which strengthens your credibility with customers. Use the catalog on the site home page to find your next course. 

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